Don’t Make these Pest Control Follies

Don’t_Make_these_Pest_Control_FolliesThe very first thing you should do when you encounter an invasion in your home from household pests is contact a pest control company. These professionals have the expertise and skill required to eradicate any pests from your home in a safe and secure manner. But many people still make many mistakes when it comes to pest control. Here are the most common.

Not calling a pest control company immediately

You should not wait a long time before you contact an exterminator. Almost all pests have a fast reproduction rate, and the longer you wait, the more your infestation will be. Consider this, a single cockroach can lay up to 15-30 eggs at one time. In a couple of weeks, the baby cockroaches hatch and are ready to reproduce again in a matter for just a few weeks, infesting your home immensely and at a rapid rate. That is why, even if you see a single cockroach, ant or bed bug, you should contact a professional to get this sorted out for you.

Believing that you should call a pest control company only for infestations that are evident

This notion has landed many homeowners in a proverbial soup. Just because you can’t see signs of a visible infestation, it doesn’t mean that there is none. There are many small signs of pests that only the trained eye of a professional exterminator can recognize. When these professionals conduct thorough checks of your home and garden regularly, only then can you ensure that you are safe from any infestation. Westchester NY Pest Control Experts are here to help!

Pest control techniques are all the same

This is far from the truth. Different companies that you hire conduct extermination using different techniques, procedures and products. Some even opt for environmentally-friendly options. The pest control industry is a huge one that is constantly growing, with newer innovations coming out every day. That is why no two extermination techniques are the same.

It is just as effective if you conduct extermination yourself than spend money on a professional It is vital that extermination services be carried out by a qualified professional. These professionals possess the skill and expertise of identifying your problem, your problems areas and suggesting a holistic approach for it that will help not only in the present situation, but also as a preventive measure in the future. There are many signs of infestation that, as a novice, you might miss, but a trained professional will spot them and know how to react. For more information please visit

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